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M1.1 | Constructive Design Research: Trust between Humans and Highly Automated Vehicles

M1.1 – 2021

Name project: Trust between Humans and Highly Automated Vehicles
Grade: 7


This research project used a showroom and speculative design approach to research the trust between humans and highly automated vehicles (HAVs). For this approach a theater performance in a therapy session setting was designed to illustrate the underlying trust issues between a driver and HAV.


I learnt to use showroom research as a means to design for debate, through making provoking prototypes and doing open-ended interviews. In this course, we made an intervention in the public space and let people reflect on the future, which is something that inspired me also for my projects from my M1.2 onwards. 


Video of the showroom theatre performance.
Photo of the showroom experiment on the TU/e campus.