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M1.1 | Cocktail Madness

M1.1 – 2021

Name project: Cocktail Madness
Grade: P


The project had the goal to create a (eu)stress inducing game to be used for psychological research into stress. Cocktail Madness is a hybrid game with a physical cocktail shaker and an online game. The game has immersive and engaging elements such as the cocktail shaker and sound effects.


Game design in itself and also game design for research purposes was new to me. I gained insights in the value of games for teaching people things. I want to use this in the future when designing in the social sector. Gamification is a broad term but can already be sparked with only a small, playful design aspect. Furthermore, I gained practice with working with different tools to make the right design decisions, such as making an MVP, value proposition and scenario making.


Cocktail Madness gameplay.