Extracurricular: Stehven Student Board

Stehven Student Board – 2022


In the academic year 2021/2022 I was part of the Stehven student board, where I lobbied for better student housing in Eindhoven through different working groups of the municipality and other actions. One milestone of this year is that I was one of the initiators of the research of Eindhoven as a student city, in which we collaborated with innovation agency Six Fingers and researched how students perceive Eindhoven and what should be improved. We presented this to the city council of Eindhoven in 2022.


I learnt about how to influence different political systems in Eindhoven, about the complexity of the housing crisis and how wicked problems of society are being tackled through different institutions. I am after this year more aware of what students can do to impact the city and I learnt that I get energy from networking and lobbying for improving the city.

Downloads & links:

Photos from the presentation of and dialogue on ‘Eindhoven as a student city’ to the city council of Eindhoven, March 2022. Photos by Dekate Mousa.