Creativity and Aesthetics Design and Research Processes User and Society

M1.2 | The role of design for gender equality in the DJ world

M1.2 – 2022

Name project: Sexism is in the air: the role of design for gender equality in the DJ world
Grade: P


This paper aims to answer the question:  How can we find the role of design in promoting gender equality in the DJ world? A speculative design probe was used in the open-ended interviews with female DJs. The probe was a video clip cover of an explicit rap song. 


Through this project, I learnt that contributing to societal discussions through my work as a designer is something that interests me. Specifically the topic of gender inequality.

I used social design methods and design for debate as a method for design research. Furthermore, I used open-ended interviews as a method for gathering data andI learnt to connect literature with practice; through applying theory on speculative design in the design of the probes.  

Limitations of this research are that a small sample of participants was gathered. Also, some participants did not fully understand the video clip, so this was a lesson for me as a filmmaker. In this research project overall, I felt like I contributed something valuable to the DJ community, as I got positive reactions from them.


Music video cover that was used as a probe.