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M2.1 | One-bite Feminism

M2.1 – 2022

Name project: One-bite Feminism
Grade: P


One-bite Feminism is a short film documentary and event series which took place at FabCafe Tokyo. The topic is gender inequality in Japan and the goal of this project was to raise awareness on gender inequality and start a discussion within the FabCafe Tokyo community. Within the event series, I organized an exhibition, a discussion event and a feminist embroidery workshop.


This project was the first project I did where I expressed myself and my opinions on a political topic on this scale through different mediums. I had difficulties finding a good balance in following my own (Western) ideas and following what the (local Japanese) community wants or expects in a political discussion. It was one of the first events at FabCafe Tokyo on gender inequality and it opened an interesting discussion within the community, which I’m glad to have started.

In this project I got acquainted with digital embroidery, through which I developed the expertise area Technology & Realization, as I taught myself to understand the software and hardware to design and make digital embroidery.

Downloads & links:

Short film documentary One-bite Feminism.